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In these days all business processes are almost entirely computerized. Every company needs technology support, connectivity and security to manage, monitor and expend their business. However, the specific needs of every company are unique as per the business requirements.

We provide IT infrastructure and CCTV Security solutions that enable to take your business to the next level. Our expert professionals will thoroughly assess your current setup, study your requirements, and smoothly transform your IT and CCTV Security environment to serve your needs best.

Contact or send us your queries, issues, problems and requirements and we will provide you the best solution that best fit to your business requirements.

Here is why IT Solutions & Consultancy are highly beneficial to your organization:

IT Investigation - our qualified experts can pinpoint weak areas in your IT infrastructure and design IT strategies that are perfectly suitable for your specific business.

Technology Installation - we install your unique IT plan, using trusted vendor partnerships and strategic planning to fuel the growth of your company/business.

IT Administration - we develop and recommend security strategies to protect your business in the case of a disaster.

Our committed team of professionals will empower you with technology so you can be on top of the game. When you partner with our committed IT Consultants, you can relinquish your IT concerns and get on with business as usual.

Server and Network Support

IT Solutions & Consultancy has the expertise for your server, network design, implementation, and maintenance. Our certified network administrators can assist you with all stages of network and server systems including:

  • Network planning, design, and architecture.
  • Structured Network Cabling
  • Network installation and performance tuning.
  • Switch and router installation.
  • Server installation, up gradation.
  • Server Services installation and Support.
  • Security measures assessment and implementation.
  • Ongoing maintenance including server integration, migrations, and upgrades.
  • Wireless LAN implementation and solutions

Our trained technicians will work with you to find the best solution for your networking needs.

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Firewall and Security Support

Network firewall security is important to keep unwanted and un-authorize users out of your business. A security device is a device which acts as a watchman in your network and decides what enters and exits the network. It analyzes the network traffic. We at IT Solutions & Consultancy provide the managed firewall security service. Our managed firewall security services involve various approaches that help to ensure the control and maintenance of the security of your network. In some instances, managed security services will address the overall security of the network, or provide varying levels of security to sections of servers or even to specific workstations that are attached to the network.

We believe in the idea that it’s the responsibility of the provider, not the user, to protect the client’s Internet and network access from predators, threats, and exploits.

We provide support and services on all Types of Firewalls:

  • Proxy firewall
  • Stateful Inspection firewall
  • Unified threat management (UTM) firewall
  • Next-generation firewall (NGFW)
  • Threat-focused NGFW

IT Infrastructure Management and Consultancy

We offer more than just technical expertise. We're strategic advisers who take a big-picture view of your organizations current IT setup, analyze your challenges, and help you overcome.

  • Server Infrastructure: Performance, Capacity planning, Operating system hardening, Warranty & Support.
  • Data Center Infrastructure: Power, UPS, Network and Server Redundancy, Scalability and Monitoring. Environment Controls and Monitoring.
  • Network Infrastructure: Service Provider, LAN, WAN, Cabling & Connectivity, Wireless, Network Switching, Warranty & Support.
  • Data Storage: Performance, Permissions, Accessibility and Availability.
  • Risk: Risk Identification, Analysis and Mitigation
  • DR/BCP: DR/BCP Readiness, Planning and Implementation
  • Impact Analysis, Backups & Restoration.
  • Security:  Active Directory Services, File & Print Sharing, Password Policies, Antivirus, Anti-Spam, Firewall, Physical Security, Content Filtering.
  • Certification: ISO20000 and ISO27001 readiness.
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Desktop, Laptop and Hardware Support

IT Solutions & Consultancy offers comprehensive desktop, laptop and other peripheral support to ensure that your business’s run smoothly. Laptop, Desktop and peripheral requires a proactive approach for maximum up-time.

Our Services

  • Routine maintenance
  • Monitoring 
  • Troubleshooting and repair
  • Operating system updates
  • Software installation and updates
  • Performance optimization
  • Security and Hardening

CCTV and Other security Solution

CCTV surveillance systems are widely used and are becoming a necessity now a day. We offer CCTV solution with advanced technology, such as remote viewing on Mobile, Desktop and Laptop, PIR Sensor, Color Night vision to deter crimes such as burglary break-ins and vandalism of residential and commercial property. CCTV can also be used to manage and monitor employees at multiple locations and increase productivity.
IT Solutions & Consultancy offers solutions for a spectrum of industries. Our solutions deliver comprehensive coverage for effective and efficient security. All the businesses, Hospitals, Reality, Shopping malls, Residential and Education institute etc. are vulnerable to different threats. So continuous monitoring and protection is required for proper functioning and expansion of these units. We understand the unique needs of these industries and offer reliable customize solutions for the specific requirements of these industries.
We are not specific to a particular brand. We are providing CCTV solution in any brand like CP Plus, Hikvision, Dahua, Samsung and Panasonic etc.

Types of security solution we offer

  • IP and HD CCTV Solution.
  • Biometric and access control solution.
  • Video Door Phone with Electric locks solution.
  • Anti-theft system (Intrusion Detection Alarm)
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(Premium-Quality Full HD 1080p CCTV Security Cameras Video Surveillance System with Night Vision at Affordable Price)


We are leading CCTV Camera Installation Service Provider with good experience in the industry. We provide affordable professional CCTV Camera Installation Service.


We provide CCTV AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract), both Comprehensive (Material with Service) and Non-Comprehensive (Service Only) type for your existing CCTV Camera System and its cabling.

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